Honey is a wedding in Cancun

If you are contemplating marriage, it is possible that the idea of celebrating your wedding in Cancun seduce you. The Caribbean, in general, is one of the most internationally pursued destinations for holding a marriage union. The traditional wedding in a religious building appears to have a new competitor in the XXI century.

Exotic weddings are gaining ground considerably in recent times, new concepts exist in our vocabulary as “Balinese wedding “. There is not a single hotel in Bali that does not offer a complete service of Balinese wedding. So, little by little, new concepts, that did not exist, start to appear; globalization has brought different realities in all areas, even for weddings.

It’s as easy as typing “Wedding inspiration” to see the latest trends.

Wedding Photography in Cancun
Wedding Photography in Cancun

It is true that every person has in his mind a clear picture of what might be called “your dream wedding ” but as our friends start to get married, we appreciate details that we like; after about 10 weddings, we have so many different ideas that do not know how to turn all this into a real wedding.

And more considering when planning a wedding , unfortunately just not being about two, rather than three, four or five … because everyone wants to give their opinion. So you need to be strong and not be flashed for each proposal that people comment because you ‘ll end up worse than before or urgently seeking the phone number of a good wedding planner.

Wedding photographer, Wedding in Cancun, Wedding photography
Photos by Cecilia Dumas second camera by Asscoiated Photographer

Once you know who will be the lucky or fortunate to be marrying you, you will have to ask yourself the second big question “Where will you celebrate your wedding?” There are so many places that it is sometimes difficult to make this decision , you can be in a meeting room in your city, outdoors with many flowers everywhere, in the village of your grandparents that has a super nice church, amidst beautiful a forest or in Cancun and some more.

Everything is a matter of taste. Imagine you decide to celebrate your wedding in Cancun or somewhere nearby. What are the most striking reasons to celebrate a wedding in the Caribbean?

One of the main attractions is undoubtedly the crystal clear turquoise sea water, lush vegetation , such as heavenly environment is “the image worth more than a thousand words”, however, the facilities provided for events is the reason by so many people want to make their weddings here.

Wedding photographer, Wedding in Cancun, Wedding photography
Wedding Photography in Cancun

The number of hotels in this city is immense, not only facilitates placing each of the guests but can also be the venue for the wedding. Most hotels in the city offer special wedding packages with different budgets for the various possibilities. Due to high demand in the city, they have a team specially prepared for the manufacture of weddings and banquets. It is important to see what is offered by each of the hotels, in order to select the one that is most similar to our tastes or our economy.

In the case that you did not want a hotel to take care of organizing your wedding , you could also use an event organizer in the area, to do really all you had in mind. Conversely, if none of these options convince you, you can be in charge of taking charge of your wedding, so it is necessary that you contact different suppliers to obtain prices that are within your budget.

On the other hand, if you are not a mexican citizen you need to bring home some paperwork to comply with the legal requirements of the country to also ensure the legality of your marriage both inside and outside of Mexico. Know beforehand to avoid any kind of sudden breaking.

If you finally think Cancun is your ideal venue for such an important is your marriage brand new place now, it will be even more when you celebrate your honeymoon in such a great place like this, you would want to stay forever.

Wedding photographer, Wedding in Cancun, Wedding photography
Wedding Photography in Isla Mujeres

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