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The secrets to rock your maternity photo session

More than two decades ago the american magazine Vanity Fair surprised the world with an unconventional cover for the times, Demi Moore posed naked, wearing seven months pregnant. It was the first time a snapshot in which motherhood was undoubtedly the star of a cover was published, it was the first, but certainly was not the last, this is a trend that has been repeated by countless artists of various kinds around of the world. It is quite likely you’re already used to this kind of pictures.

Demi Moore, Vanity Fair, Pregnancy, magazine cover
Vanity Fair’s cover with pregnant Demi Moore on it. August 1991

Wanting to share the joy of waiting for the arrival of a baby is equally natural that the same pregnancy itself, why now in 2015, a trend that is not limited to celebrities. Take pictures the memory of your pregnancy is precious to what many photographers are quite familiar in recent times and accessible to all budgets.

If you’re thinking about doing a photo shoot in which motherhood is the main reason, looking for a good professional who has previously worked in this field, to endeavor to get the result you want and make everything much easier for you.

Pregnancy, maternity photos, professional photography
Maternity Photography by Cecilia Dumas

What should we consider for a photo shoot like this?

If you ever thought about it, you’ll need to make room in your schedule to make an appointment with a photographer.

Take advantage of that time to see the photografer’s portfolio, so you can see his or her experience in the field, share ideas that bring home to the photographer to get an idea of ​​what you would do, if you do not bring any previous idea, you can see what the photographer offers with its previous experiences will surely find something you convince and to your liking.

Once you have selected the person who will make your photo shoot, you must think of the dress you will wear, the ideal is to bring something comfortable, that you like, if you think appropriate depending on the style or if it is an open or enclosed space can take more than a change of clothes in case it is necessary, the ideal is to bring at least one other besides you will take place at that time.

maternity photo, professional photography,
Maternity photo by Cecilia Dumas

A photo essay as this will make you out of your normal routine, forget some of the problems of everyday life, to have fun and share this moment with the ones you love , you can do this alone or include members of the family or friends you want to be participants in this important moment in your life. The point here is not only to take a few good pictures of when you were pregnant but take a good memory of the process, remember it as something that you have fun doing it.

It’s time to decide the date for the photo shoot, when should be done? It can be done when deemed appropriate, each person is free to choose when they want them, but in the case of some photos about motherhood, should at least be noted pregnancy is considered suitable taking pictures between the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy about that the photos will look at its best, because if we ventured to the last month of pregnancy run the risk that the photos do not come to fruition because the creature has decided to leave ahead of schedule.

Pregnancy, maternity photos, professional photography
Maternity Photography by Cecilia Dumas

Once we have the dates, we must decide where these are to be made, it would be in an open space or studio photographs? It really is not important, it depends on the idea that you bring, or what has proposed the photographer. The important thing is to stay satisfied with the result, but if you are in Cancun, you can take to make your maternity photo shoot in any of the lush environments offered by the city.

During the creative process you should try to maintain communication with your photographer at all times to foster mutual understanding and thus work best together, whether it is a story alone as if it is a story with more people. You must feel comfortable with what you’re doing at all times, you should try to get unique images, which are the reflection of your own personality and how you feel at that time.

If at any time during the shoot you feel tired, you should stop and if you have even more tired than you think you should put it off for another time, the priority is your wellbeing.

Pregnancy, maternity photos, professional photography
Maternity Photography by Cecilia Dumas

To facilitate the task both photographer and your physical activity during the process, it is necessary that you focus on a few ideas that you had already thought to do, all at once can sometimes be quite difficult for both. The important thing is that you enjoy this day, do not try to make forced, difficult and unnatural poses, as they will be in that same way, something forced. As natural as you are, the more likely you’ll stay the most beautiful snapshots. Remember that pregnancy lasts only nine months but the memory is forever.